In loving memory from your family...
David Bruce Learn Jr.

September 17th, 1989 - July 2nd, 2004

David Learn Jr. age 14, grammar
school graduate. Beloved son of
David & Roielene Learn and
Jeanine & Lenny Kardalis.
Loving brother to
Christina, Darcy and Courtney.

A Fathers Tears

At the hospital on your first day, months before
your time and you were ready to leave

A son I had! All my hopes for you flashed before me
and here you were fighting to breathe

I held you close to my heart, a fighter you to be
My tears of happiness fell silently to your gown

You were such a fun child always the questions
So very funny and way too smart

I had a hard time keeping up, but we had
such good times together, such a big heart

Now graduating 8th grade and becoming a fine
young man, looking sharp in your gown

I was so very proud, but I didn't have a chance
to tell you because we have again come to be

At the hospital on your last day,
with you again fighting to breathe

All your hopes flashed before me so
much life to live, you are too young to leave

I held your hand, held you close to my heart,
My tears of sadness fell silently to your gown

I intend for this memorial to be a living work in progress and a labor of love.
If you wish to add your own thoughts please feel free to use the Guest Book. I have
also set up a Photo Gallery for your viewing pleasure. If you would like to add a
favorite picture please me. Thank you. Sincerely, David Learn Sr.

David Sr.
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