Bruce Learn, age 66, Army Veteran. Beloved husband of Sharon; devoted
father of David, James, and Victoria. Grandfather to Darcy, David Jr.,
Courtney, and Josh. Dearest brother to Oma and Myrna.

The song you should be hearing (Evergreen) is from Bruce and Sharon's wedding
and a symbol of their unconditional love. I intend this to be a living work in progress
and a labor of love.
If you wish to add your own thoughts please E-mail me and I'll be
glad to add them. I have also set up a photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.
Thank you. Sincerely, David Learn

Words from a son:
I had written my father a poem to slip into his Fathers Day card in June of 2001. It
was not completed to my satisfaction, time was running out and in order to get it mailed
in time I decided to put it off till next Fathers Day, but as I was getting ready to seal the
envelope I thought to myself "never put off till tomorrow what you can do today"
(words of wisdom from my father no less).
So I took the time to finish it as best as I could and rushed off to the post office.
Little did I know that this would be my last Fathers Day with him. I guess I touched a
soft spot with the old man because he asked me to E-mail him a copy so that he could
print it out on nicer paper and frame it. Thinking back now I'm sure glad I took the time
to write this poem and that those words meant so much to him his final days. Here it
is now unedited just as he received it.

From father to father...

To the father who lost all that sleep to his colicky 12 week old first child.

To the father who paced the hospital floors all night while his son's 107 degree fever
and Spinal Meningitis ran their course.

To the father who waited in those long Christmas lines to buy that must have GI Joe.

To the father who patiently built that rabbit cage for his sons bunnies and then
lovingly helped him get over their untimely death never once complaining about
all the work that went into building that cage.

To the father who tirelessly hung in there as his son just couldn't quite get the
balancing part of riding that bike down.

To the father who took the time to run his son to all those accordion lessons only to
see it gathering dust in the basement.

To the father who was forced into umpiring his sons little league game and still
managed to say "strike three" in his sons at bat.

To the father who patiently and firmly advised his son that he was better than a
"C" student.

To the father who taught his son the sport of hunting and the respect of life and the
dangers of firearms.

To the father who sat in that Chicago Heights lounge watching his son attempting
to play at a professional level and still telling everyone within ear shot that...
"that's my son up there".

To the father who never judged his son for the decisions in life that he made even
knowing that some were doomed to failure.

To the father who flew thousands of miles to be at his sons hospital bed the day he
crashed that motorcycle (that he knew was trouble) and just held his hand and said
I'm here for you.

To the father who never forgets a birthday or that special date in his sons life.

To this father I can only say that by saying "thank you" I can not even come close
to expressing how I feel, but take this to heart from your son who now is
experiencing all those joys of fatherhood...You did a good job there Dad!

David Sr.
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