Welcome to The Learns Home Page
You have reached the home page of the Learn family. I hope to have a dynamic and
growing place here where friends and family can come to visit, catch up on news and
such. This is definitely a work in progress and will take effort from me (David Learn Sr.)
and all who wish to make this happen. I hope you can contribute. I have set up a virtual
memorial for my father and now my son David for family and friends to come be with
them. Next up I will finish a memorial page for my grandparents (2 very special people).
Please me if you wish to contribute. Sincerely, David Learn Sr.

The Bruce Learn memorial page is here.
The David Learn Jr. memorial page is here.

In the beginning...(at least my beginning) ( : >

In Loving Memory Vane & Eleanor Learn

Parents, Grandparents, and Great-grandparents your legacy lives on...

Great-Grandma & Grandpa with Darcy & David Jr. October 1989

More To Come!!!

(David Sr.)
Bruce's Memorial Page

Bruce's Photo Gallery
David Jr.'s Memorial Page

David Jr.'s Photo Gallery
David Jr.'s Guest Book

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